10 Steps to Diabetic Dry Skin Solutions


Diabetes causes dry skin. Your skin becomes dehydrated because the body is using much of its water making urine to remove excess glucose from the blood. Also fluctuating blood glucose levels cause many changes in the skin.

As a diabetic, you are prone to developing more skin problems, because your diabetic condition is constantly breaking down your skin’s defenses. You therefore must take a preventative approach in caring for your skin. We are all different, and the key to your quest for dry skin solutions is –  a willingness to try various treatments until you find what works best for you. I trust that you will find the following information helpful and informative.

Ideally, You Want To Prevent Skin Problems.  Here’s What You Do…

1. A good place to start is to follow the directions in the report “10 Steps to Dry Skin Solutions.” Click here to request this report

2.  Persistent high blood sugar has been associated with dry itchy skin, rashes, skin infections and other skin problems. The best way to prevent or control these skin problems, is to maintain good sugar control.

3.  Do not scratch dry or itching areas as you can cause a break in the skin, and set these areas up for infections. To minimize or eliminate the dryness or itching, use an effective moisturizer. Such as Stevens Skin Softener Cream.

4.  Potential problem areas are your armpits, groin and the crease below your breasts. Continual chafing could break down the skin, opening it up to infections. Strive diligently to keep these areas clean and dry. Using talcum powder in these areas is helpful.

5.  Do not use harsh antiseptics such as mercurochrome, alcohol or iodine to clean wounds. Use hydrogen peroxide and cover the wound with sterile gauze. See your doctor if there is any question in your mind about the care of the wound.

6.  Avoid hot showers and baths, and bathe less during the cold dry months. Use a moisturizing soap like Dove. Also keep your house more humid during the cold dry months.   

7.  As a diabetic, your feet tend to sweat less than normal, causing dryness and cracking. Stevens Skin Softener Cream has proven to be very effective in preventing dry and cracked feet, and also in relieving the dryness and cracking should these develop.

            Be Aware of The Potential For Developing Foot Ulcers. You Are at Increased Risk If…

8.  You have neuropathy in your feet and you are unable to sense temperature changes. Your feet are dry and cracked, and you have poorly trimmed nails. You have fungal foot and nail infections.

9.  You must take care of your feet. Check them daily for evidence of injury. Wear shoes that fit well, and be sure they are free of foreign objects before putting them on. Be sure to request the report “10 Steps To Diabetic Foot Care.”

10. Diabetic Neuropathy presents as numbness, tingling or pain most commonly to the hands and feet, but it may occur anywhere on the body. To find how to prevent or manage this problem, read “10 Steps to Managing Diabetic and other Neuropathies.” Click here to request this report.

Using a moisturizer like Stevens Skin Softener Cream will go a long way in helping you prevent and manage your dry skin problems. It is vital however that you and your doctor monitor your skin, especially your feet, to minimize potential problems.

For a small cost for shipping handling, you can try Stevens Skin Softener Cream FREE.  To find out how, click here.

          Did You Know That…

Stevens Skin Softener Cream was developed by someone who understands your problem first hand. Howard Stevens struggled with diabetes for over 20 years, and was alarmed at the uncontrollable cracking and bleeding of his hands and feet. He had already lost two siblings to the complications of diabetes, and was determined to come up with a solution. Click here to go to our home page to find out more about his fascinating story.

Important Message – This report is intended as an educational tool to acquaint you with alternative methods for managing your problem. Many of the suggestions have not been approved by any government or regulatory agency. Therefore, this report should not be substituted for the advice and treatment of your physician or other licensed health care provider, but rather should be used in conjunction with professional care. If pregnant, you are especially urged to consult your physician before using any suggestions. You must take full responsibility for your health and how you use this information. The author expressly disclaims any responsibility for any adverse effects resulting from your use of the above information.

The entire contents of this report is copyrighted  ©2002-2016 by Unique Enterprises, and is made available to you compliments of the “Dry Skin Relief Center“. You’re welcome to share it freely with family, friends and acquaintances who could benefit from this information or post it on your site, as long as you maintain this acknowledgment as part of the complete report and leave all links unchanged. Thank you!  

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